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The Kennel Club
Home of the new limited edition card deck

The Wish You Were Here! 2007 Calendar
Now Available Online!

This all-new calendar brings you 13 stunning works of original art, inspired by the beauty and humor of classic travel postcards. Featuring favorite purebreed dogs from around the world, every month also includes additional art--sketches, stamps, postmarks, spilled sangria--evoking images of the irresistible places our intrepid traveling friends have ventured.

  • 9x12, Full Color, Full Bleed
  • $18 USD (+shipping)
  • 20 Artists & Over 25 Dog Breeds

  • Click Here to Order!
    We're pleased to announce the Kennel Club was a rousing success this year at Anthrocon!

    Due to popular demand, we held some decks to send over to Eurofurence this year, as well as a handful to sell online in fairness to those who could not attend AC '06.
    If you'd like to pick up a deck online, get your paws on them fast as they wont last long!
    Hit the Kennel Club Website for more information on purchasing online.

    Aaaaand the winner of the Kennel Club iPod Shuffle giveaway is one lucky Makenshi Star-shaper! Thanks to all who participated in the free raffle. We tallied the votes, and the card you chose for Best in Show was Dark Natasha's 3 of Diamonds, the Collie. Congratulations to Dark Natasha, and may she also enjoy her prize of a new iPod!
    11th-May-2006 11:26 am - The Kennel Club Complete!
    The Kennel Club Collection stands ready for inspection!

    See them all at http://kennelclub.coyote-tangent.com

    The Kennel Club is an extremely limited edition deck featuring an exclusive
    collection of unique custom art, available starting at Anthrocon 2006. There
    will be no presales, no reservations and no reprints, ever. Once these decks
    have sold, they'll be gone for good! Each deck is $48 plus tax, limited to
    three decks per buyer. Don't miss your chance to own this striking
    5th-Apr-2006 12:35 pm - Kennel Club - Art Update!
    Time for another Kennel Club update! We've had a lot of finals start to roll in, so here's a few for starters:

    From Dark Natasha:
    Doberman Pinscher Final
    Collie Final

    From Sara Palmer:
    Labrador, King of Clubs

    From Balaa & BlackTeagan:
    Golden Retriever, Queen of Clubs

    From Kelly Bedson:
    Greyhound, Queen of Hearts
    Basenji Final

    From HellCorpCEO:
    Bernese Mountain Dog Final
    Shiba Inu Final

    To see it all, check out the website: http://kennelclub.coyote-tangent.com
    16th-Mar-2006 11:30 am - Kennel Club - New Art Update!
    We've had another round of sketches come in for the Kennel Club Deck! We're pleased to present:

    Vizsla Sketch - by Kenket

    Beagle Sketch - by Heather Bruton

    Samoyed Sketch - by Synnabar
    Boxer Sketch - by Synnabar

    More to come soon! Get all the info at the website:
    14th-Mar-2006 11:45 am - Kennel Club - New Art!
    Time for another Kennel Club update! We've had a little change in the artist list, but are pleased to annouce a few new faces: Eric Coyote Elliot, Goldenwolf, Sandra Santara and Kelly Bedson.

    We're pleased to bring you Heather Bruton's finished cards!
    Queen of Spades - Siberian Husky - by Heather Bruton
    # of Hearts - Saluki - by Heather Bruton
    # of Hearts - Borzoi - by Heather Bruton

    Also, new sketches!
    Collie Sketch - by Dark Natasha
    Doberman Pinscher Sketch - by Dark Natasha

    Shiba Inu Sketch - by HellCorpCEO
    Field Spaniel Sketch - by HellCorpCEO

    English Setter Sketch - by Kenket

    If you'd like to see all the breeds, check out the website!
    3rd-Mar-2006 03:33 am - Kennel Club - New Art and News!
    The Kennel Club Card Deck is well on its way, and we have finalized our artist list! We're very excited by some of the old faces and new talents we have. You can get all the information on the website, here:

    Also, we're pleased to show some new art:
    Finished version of the Briard, by Balaa

    Sketch of the Saluki, by Heather Bruton
    Sketch of the Siberian Husky, by Heather Bruton
    Sketch of the Borzoi, by Heather Bruton
    Sketch of the Groenendael Belgian Shepherd, by Synnabar
    26th-Feb-2006 09:33 am - Kennel Club - New Art!
    More Sketches have been submitted for the Kennel Club, Limited Edition Card Deck!

    Ace of Clubs - Pointer - by Balaa
    # of Spades - Mastiff - by Balaa
    # of Diamonds - Briard - by Balaa

    See them all at the website:
    20th-Feb-2006 02:15 pm - Kennel Club - New Art and Website!
    The Kennel Club is pleased to annouce the website for the project has gone public!
    You can see it here: http://kennelclub.coyote-tangent.com
    Please, feel free to link to us using any of these banners, by kenket:

    Also, new art!
    Finished Jack of Hearts - Dalmatian - by Kenket
    Sketch for King of Clubs - Labrador - by Sara Palmer
    Sketch for # of Hearts - Elkhound - by Sara Palmer
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